NO.1 Play to Earn SLG Moblie Game, Join The Alliance and Conquer Titan Continents. NO.1 Play to Earn SLG Moblie Game, Join The Alliance and Conquer Titan Continents.




Roadmap Roadmap
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Play Anytime, Anywhere

Collect and plunder on Titan
Occupy The Source Thrones, becoming the king of Titan

System Requirements
System Division CPU Memory Graphic OS DirectX Installed Capacity
Andorid Mininum Specification - 2 GB - AOS 4.0 or above - -
IOS iPhone 7 or above IOS 13 or above
System Requirements
System Andorid IOS
Division Mininum Specification
CPU - iPhone 7 or above
Memory 2 GB
Graphic -
OS AOS 4.0 or above IOS 13 or above
DirectX -
Installed Capacity -


Tower Warfare / Protecting the city (Strategy)

Tower Warfare / Protecting the city (Strategy)

The battlefield of Tower Warfare is full of creatures...
Deploy heroes with unique skills to defeat all types of unknown enemies !
Each time you pass a level, you will accumulate upgrade items. Upgrade your heroes to increase their power !
When in a pinch, call upon the Titans ! They will eliminate all obstacles for you.

Titans / Heroes (Cultivation)

Titans / Heroes (Cultivation)

To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. The heroes and Titans are your best assets in the battle for the Titan Continent !
Accumulate combat experience, advance your technology and raise the intimacy levels to build up your own powerful troops !
The stronger you develop your heroes and Titans are, the easier it will be for you to conquer the continent.

Resource / Building (Gathering)

Resource / Building (Gathering)

Accumulate resources through ship facilities and harvest the wilderness to grow your base step by step !
You can use the resources you gain to develop military, grow army, or invest in technology to build a stronger ship and even make IRL profit by mining gold !



Eliminate the creatures in the wild and face off against the competition. Use your strength to crush all the challenges !
Use technology to develop more advanced reserves and take your army to the next level.
Use your troops to take down enemies and expand your territory. Leave your mark on the Titan Continent !

Play & Earn

Play & Earn

You can obtain gold by collecting them in the wild.
When you accumulate a certain amount of gold, you can exchange them for MONCO which have real value.
You can use MONCO to trade freely outside the game. And also can exchange them for gold in-game according to the exchange rate and continue to develop your ship.



Titan Gorilla

Titan Gorilla


Brave by nature, dons a steel-like scale armor that can resist any damage. The gemstones embedded in its arms can send a powerful beams of light to deliver a fatal blow to the enemy.

Quake Punch Crystal Armor Vigorous Vitality Gorilla Beam
Quake Punch

Deal DMG and make the targets unable to cast skills.

Crystal Armor

Reduce incoming DMG.

Vigorous Vitality

Decrease ratio of seriously wounded allies.

Gorilla Beam

Cause DMG ignoring DEF.




The watchdog of Hades, with a fierce appearance that sends chills down the spine. The three heads that spit out the hell fire together can burn the enemy to crisp.

Hellish Breath Decay Death Gaze Self-destruct
Hellish Breath

Deal DMG and increase the targets' DMG in the next turn.


Decrease all enemies' DEF.

Death Gaze

Increase ratio of seriously wounded enemies.


Deal DMG and cause additional DMG to the targets based on max HP.




The delicate nine-tailed fox demon, its silk-like fur makes people intoxicated. By virtue of the mysterious power conferred by the sun and moon, it can easily manipulate the hearts of people.

Kitsune Flurry Evil Spirit Killing Stone Psychic Shock
Kitsune Flurry

Deal DMG and decrease the targets' SPD.

Evil Spirit

Reduce ATK for all enemies.

Killing Stone

When HP is higher than acertain ratio, decrease the incoming DMG.

Psychic Shock

Deal DMG and give the attacking allies the Absorb effect.

Bear Warrior

Bear Warrior


Its large powerful body makes it invincible. The claws are extremely destructive and can easily tear apart every inch of the enemy's flesh and bone.

Furious Claw Torture Forebearer Power Psionic Bomb
Furious Claw

Deal DMG and reduce the target's healing received.


Reduce DEF for all enemies.

Forebearer Power

When HP is higher than certain ratio, reduce the incoming DMG.

Psionic Bomb

Deal DMG and remove all targets' shields.

God Devourer

God Devourer


He is forever hungry, and his mouth is full of sharp teeth that want to devour everything. Any prey that he sees cannot escape his thunderbolt, and eventually becomes his meal.

Thunderclap Thunderous Force Wolf Blessing Thunderstorm

Deal DMG and the target will not be able to use basic ATK.

Thunderous Force

Increases Crit Chance.

Wolf Blessing

Increases DMG for active attack skills.


Deal DMG and receive a one-time shield that blocks DMG to all allies.

Healing Wings

Healing Wings


The faithful guardian of the treasure makes people feel healed just with its appearance. Casts healing wind wiith its powerful wings

Healing wind Sacred feather Blessing of Life Thunderstorm
Healing wind

Heal all allies based on your ATK. Also remove debuffs.

Sacred feather

Increase healing effect

Blessing of Life

Increase HP


Deal DMG and the targets will not be able to use the basic attack


Gmw X Blockchain


MONCO can be exchanged with gold in Giant Monster War. They can also be used directly as an in-game currency.
MONCO are tied to the blockchain and are a currency that can be used to send, exchange, and trade important in-game items.


Growth Elements

Captain can effectively increase power and satisfy the growth of power and the economic interests in the game through developing domestic affairs, getting resource, and plunder.

Construction Upgrading buildings and station heroes to achieve stability and unlock more content.

Technology and Blessings Develop your technology to increase the efficiency and increase your Titans' combat power through Ttan Blessings.

Recruiting Soldiers Soldiers can be recruited at the barracks. After you train them, they will follow your heroes to the battlefront.

Resource Buildings To get a steady income of resources you can construct the relevant buildings on your ship.
The available resources include: food, wood, stone and gold.

Gathering You can send troops to the map to collect additional resources.
The resource points will help you replenish the materials you need in a short period of time.

Fighting in the wilderness You can gain combat experience and rune making materials by defeating Goblins and Ogres on the map. ( The rune system is not open yet )

Siege You can also attack other captains to weaken their strength and get resources.

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation!

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation !