Connect Giant Monster War with real-world currencies and play for profit.

P2E is achieved by converting in-game resources in Giant Monster War into Monco that have real value.
The value of Monco is also guaranteed by the value of in-game resources themselves.


Gold is the resource that anyone can collect from the gold mines on the map.
It is also one of the key elements to enhance your battle power in the Giant Monster War.

Monco Flow Monco Flow


    Public Currency
    In Giant Moster War Monco can be exchanged for invaluable gold or used as a public currency in-game.
    Mobility Coin
    Monco are tied to the blockchain and are a currency that can be used to send, exchange, and trade important in-game items.
    Clear Intrinsic Value
    Unlike other coins that are rated as useless, the Monco can be exchanged for indispensable gold through the in-game exchange house, objectively proving the efficient intrinsic value of the Monco.

    There is a fixed total amount of Monco, with a maximum of 1 billion coins.
    The total amount of Monco produced through conversion is capped at 1 million per day, and the limit for individual accounts is 100.
    Stable Real Value
    The original Monco exchange rate (can be exchanged for 1 million gold), will gradually decrease due to inflation, so the actual rate will depend on the number of Monco on collected on all servers. The real value of Monco will thus remain stable.
For a better experience, please use portrait orientation!

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation !